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Twisted Dandy Experimental Loop
Obliti Privatorum Experimental Song

2016 Submissions

Lay it down Tommy Solo Instrument Song
Gimme the Milkshakes Funk Song
Yolosolo Indie Song
Lay it down Jazz Song
Winter Rain Experimental Song
Jazz Cat Miscellaneous Loop
omgwtfkittens!#love Indie Song
Crush General Rock Song
Black Dog Spoken Word Voice
Roadhouse!! General Rock Song
My Soul Relief Indie Song
Happy Grass Experimental Loop
Slipping away General Rock Song
Autumn's Kiss Indie Song
Justified Indie Song
Novus Amor Indie Song
Nasty Phuck Experimental Loop
I ate my 80's General Rock Song
My sloppy pig Experimental Song
Wolf Experimental Song
Orphansang Lullaby Indie Song
Cross Measured General Rock Song
Dead Man's Poem Indie Song
What a wonderful world Solo Instrument Song
Watch the world go round Experimental Song
Luna's Star Indie Song
Nosferatu Indie Song
Garu for yo hot jazz Fusion Loop
My Inner Face Heavy Metal Song
Renewed General Rock Loop
Rend General Rock Song
The Last Eternal Mind Experimental Song
Something to be Experimental Loop
Bring it Miscellaneous Song
Growth Experimental Song
Hot Blue Funk Song
Bad Man Heavy Metal Loop
Final Sequence(Full song) Heavy Metal Song
Metal Mon Ska Song
Cracked Indie Song
Sympth Experimental Song
All Odds Experimental Song
Eternal Spirit Indie Song
Your mind Experimental Song
Years Pop Song
Flight of the Prairie Dog Experimental Loop
All Hallow's Eve Heavy Metal Loop
The Beauty of Madness Miscellaneous Song
Against the waves Indie Loop
Incorporeal Indie Song
Lies General Rock Song
After Dark w/ Jay Summers Classical Song
Under the Tears Jazz Loop
Of Epic Proportions General Rock Song
A soul to release General Rock Loop

2011 Submissions

Waiting to Delay General Rock Loop